Valve systems

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Valve systems - advantages at a glance

  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Functional
  • Application-optimized
  • Configurable

Valve systems at a glance

The result of decades of work in application-oriented development for our key industries, valve systems from AVENTICS set the tone in today’s pneumatics. Simply put, AVENTICS is unrivalled when it comes to the entire spectrum of valve technology instruments. And that not only sounds good – it's a solid argument for efficient pneumatic solutions.




AV series

Valve system, AV series

With its unique design, significantly reduced weight, and extremely compact size, as well as an increased function density, the AV makes sure that you stay one step ahead in production. The AV is a complete automation solution that can continuously be adapted to the requirements of the application. An optimum interaction of the valves with the AES fieldbus connection and the wide variety of components is a crucial benefit.

ES05 series

Valve system, series ES05

Thanks to the novel concept, the ES05 valve system has great advantages, particularly its simple assembly. It is possible to assemble or expand the system using only one tool. The entire product family consists of only a few components, which offers logistical advantages. In addition to the valve system a single valve is also available.

CL03 series

Valve system, CL03 series

The Clean Line series is characterized by its hygienic design with a high protection class of IP69K. The plastic used is resistant to detergents and aggressive chemicals, so that applications in wet areas are not a problem even under difficult conditions. The valve system offers enormous flexibility of producing up to 32 different pressure stages in one system.

HF series

HF series


The valve series HF is a product that has been optimized and improved over many years. The robust technology is used in a wide range of industries and is characterized by its functionality and long service life, even in tough conditions.


Regardless of whether low flow rates of 300 l / min or high flow rates of up to 1,400 l / min are required, HF is the right valve system for your application.


In addition, thanks to the uniform electrical interface, all sizes can be controlled via the same bus coupler, such as AES or BDC.


LP04: 300 l / min

Thanks to the particularly flat height, the LP04 is ideal for tight spaces.


HF04 / HF04-XF: 400 l / min

The universal and flexible valve system offers numerous electrical connection possibilities and pneumatic functions.


HF03-LG: 850 l / min

The HF03-LG valve system has been one of the most popular valve series for many years. Tried and proven in millions of applications, it is a good choice due to the wide connectivity and modularity. And if the flow rate should be insufficient, the HF03-LG can be combined with HF02-LG.


HF02-LG: 1,400 l / min

The HF02 range extends the HF product family up to 1,400 l / min. The variant "LG" also stands for broad connectivity and for an uncomplicated integration into the electrical machine structure.




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