Single Valves

Single Valves - advantages at a glance

  • Robust
  • Powerful
  • Universally applicable
  • Electrically, pneumatically, mechanically or manually operated valves

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Electrically, pneumatically, mechanically or manually operated valves

Whether inside buildings or outdoors, whether under extreme temperatures or for precision tasks and high-performance applications – our selection of single valves for pneumatics will always meet your requirements. Regardless of whether they are used in a humid environment such as the food industry or in the harsh setting of an aluminum foundry: the single valves guarantee a flow rate performance of 50 to 13,260 l/min and their specific characteristics make them optimally suited for the most diverse application areas.

All single valve series

Spool valves with metal housing, series CD

Particularly resistant for demanding environments.

Series CD consists of various spool valves with an extremely durable die-cast zinc housing. Its electrical, pneumatic, or mechanical actuating controls (roller, lever, pedal, or plunger) make the CD series the most reliable solution for applications in harsh industry environments.

Spool valves with plastic housing for high flow rate performance, series TC08 and TC15

Robust and flexible.

The TC series includes a wide range of spool valves with housings made of high-performance polymers with robust and flexible metal inserts. It is designed for flow rate performances from 800 to 1,500 l/min. These directional valves are easy to assemble, making them ideally suited for applications requiring the highest efficiency in limited spaces.

Diaphragm poppet valves with polyamide housing,740/840 series

Simple, robust, efficient.

Series 740 and 840 feature directional valves with soft, abrasion-free diaphragm technology. The simple, reliable and robust design is suitable for all air qualities and ensures high repeatability and unsurpassed service life. Due to its high resilience, the corrosion-resistant polyamide housing is also suited for dusty and moist environments.

Poppet valves with polymer housing, 490/579/589 series

Robust, lightweight and fast to assemble.

Poppet valves of series 490/579/589 belong to the 2/2, 3/2 and 5/2 directional valves with plastic housing. The directional valves have a cost-efficient design and can be mounted individually or as a block. They cover a large range of voltages and feature quick connections for pneumatic tubing.

Poppet valves for high working pressure and high flow rate performance, series 563, 565, 567

Great capacity and endurance.

The poppet valve series 563, 565 and 567 with aluminum housing are suited for assembly on single or manifold subbases and offer flow rate performances of up to 13,620 l/min with a working pressure of up to 30 bar.

Directly operated poppet valves, series DO

The poppet valves of the DO series offer a simple, reliable and robust solution for all classical pilot control functions with direct electrical operation.

Spool valves with stainless steel housing, ST series

For demanding industrial applications.

The ST series offers a comprehensive range of spool valves with hardened stainless steel housing. The metal sealing system ensures their extended service life independent of the air quality. Its electrical, pneumatic, or mechanical actuating controls (roller, lever, pedal, push-button, or plunger) make the ST series the perfect solution for demanding applications in industry and panel installation.

Compact and lightweight spool valves with plastic housing, series LS04

Ideally suited for all embedded solutions.

The spool valves of the LS04 series with their polyamide and aluminum housing are extremely lightweight and space saving. The valves are suitable for direct mounting onto moving machine and system parts.

Poppet valves with aluminum housing, series AP

Lightweight and resistant.

The AP series offers a wide range of poppet valves with aluminum housing. With its many different versions of the actuating controls (roller, lever, pedal, push-button, or plunger) the AP series is the universal solution for automation systems and panel installation.

Manually operated poppet valves, series 563 018/131

Robust, sturdy, always ready for application.

The poppet valves with hand levers of series 563 018 and 563 131 are available with flow rate performances of 300 l/min and 1,100 l/min. With their simple and robust design they are always ready for application and easy to operate even with work gloves.

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