Smart Pneumatics Analyzer

The AVENTICS SPA - Smart Pneumatics Analyzer
The AVENTICS SPA is equipped with everything you need to detect leakages and visualize data at an early point in time.
This detailed photo shows the great quality of the AVENTICS SPA

Smart Pneumatics Analyzer - advantages at a glance

  • Local preparation of data (edge computing)
  • Local visualization of sensor data
  • No additional software required (web browser)
  • Measurement without overriding the PLC-controlled process
  • Portable, can be be used on different machines
  • Includes all functions to start with IIoT

Smart Pneumatics Analyzer - Turning Data into Information

The integrated IIoT Edge Gateway Smart Pneumatics Monitor (SPM) continually records the respective operating states. All of the sensor data from the pneumatic maintenance unit is digitized and turned into information using mathematical algorithms.

Analysis of Pneumatic Systems at a Glance

Pneumatics specialist AVENTICS developed these algorithms based on decades of expertise in product engineering and application. The obtained information is then recorded and shown live in a dashboard. The SPA thus gives you more insight into the overall pneumatic system and opens up the world of IIoT-relevant applications, such as preventive maintenance and energy optimization. 

  • Visualization of live and historical data
  • Demo mode with random data for demonstrations without air
  • CSV Excel export of all sensor data
  • Leakage detection by pressure drop test
  • Electrically operated valve controllable via dashboard
  • Time synchronization
  • Visual comparison of consumption data from various measurement intervals

Immediately integrate an Internet of Things Solution with the Smart Pneumatics Analyzer

Everyone talks about the Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT – but there are often problems in implementation. You can reach your goal quickly and easily with the SPA. By digitalizing the pneumatic environment, the SPA provides you with options to directly experience the benefits and potential of IIoT applications on your own machine. You can simply connect the SPA to an existing machine via the compressed air supply and have an instant analysis option for key machine characteristics, such as compressed air consumption and possible leakages. There is a case for two application environments with AS2 (flow 7…1583 NL/min) and AS3 (flow 10…2500 NL/min) series maintenance units.

Integrated Flow Sensors & Vizualization of Live Data

Integrated flow sensors show air consumption in Nl/min. The displayed live value is supplemented by an average value and a maximum value. This lets you quickly detect trends and leakages.

Visualization of live data from the pressure sensors in bar. The orange line indicates the input pressure that is, for example, fed into the machine via the air supply. The blue line is the output pressure that is absorbed by the maintenance unit at the end.



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