Smart Pneumatics

AVENTICS SPM - the solution for the Internet of Things

Smart Pneumatics Monitor

Smart Pneumatics Monitor: The central module for networked pneumatics.

Smart Pneumatics - Opportunities for industry through intelligent pneumatics

Networking as the objective:

The history of industrialization extends over several centuries but the latest industrial revolution has triggered fast-paced changes linke nothing beofre. This development raises many quetsions but also yields a huge potential. For yeras, terms such as Internet of Things (IoT) and digitalization have domintaed many press realeses, trade show discussions, and industry conventions. The more widespread the discussion, the more definitions vary and remain ambigious.

Added value to boost your success

AVENTICS offers direct added value for your IoT concept, with smart components that integrate seamlessly into a digital environment thanks to on.board intelligence and complicane with all relevant communication standards. Our solutions focus on the flexible futrher use of the generated information. Local evaluation and storage on the component, in a local database, in a private public cloud - all options are covered. 

And - the Smart Pneumatics Monitor is the intelligent solution from AVENTICS.