Electronic Pressure Sensor, PE5 Series

Electronic Pressure Sensor, PE5 Series - advantages at a glance

  • Simplified navigation in accordance with VDMA
  • Protection class increased to IP65 and IP67
  • Null point offset function
  • PNP, NPN, and push-pull freely selectable
  • Option to switch between current and voltage
  • UL approval, PWIS-free
  • Compliant with CE, RoHS, and Reach

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Precise, Reliable, and Flexible in All Aspects

The PE5 combines electronic precision and versatile functions with ideal user friendliness. Simple switching of the analog outputs between current and voltage, as well as switching of the digital outputs between PNP, NPN, and push-pull offers a flexible, wide range of applications.

This is supported by increasing the protection class to IP65 and IP67. No matter the environment, with the new zero point offset function the pressure sensor can be set to zero at any time and thus provides exact display and switching. 

  • Pressure sensor with 5 pressure zones
  • G 1/4 thread connection or 4mm push-in connection on the bottom
  • Adjustable hysteresis and window mode, as well as NC/NO

Time-Saving, Flexible, and Networked – the PE5 Series IO-Link Versions

The IO-Link version of the PE5 series offers enormous advantages in the areas of machine component parameterization and networking.

Simple and quick parameterization without having to press any buttons: thanks to the IO-Link interface, the PE5-IO can now also be conveniently parameterized via a computer. This allows you to enter all parameters by mouse click. For example: switching points, hysteresis values, display color, and much more.

To save time, the parameters can be quickly copied to other PE5-IO devices. All parameters can be saved and then transferred to other PE5-IO pressure sensors via download – without additional input fields, and in just the time it takes to click the mouse.

The PE5-IO can also be parameterized “on the fly” – directly from a control in the machine. Advantage: particularly high flexibility in producing different product variants that require different pressure sensor settings.

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