Flow Sensor, AF2 Series

AVENTICS Pressure Sensor AF2

Flow Sensor, AF2 Series - advantages at a glance

  • IIoT-enabled flow sensor
  • Suitable for standard applications
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Small size - optimal use of installation space

IIoT-Enabled Flow Sensor AF2

Keep Airflow Under Control No Matter What

The new AF2 series flow sensor monitors air consumption in pneumatic systems, enabling fast action in case leaks are detected. AF2 helps to optimize energy consumption, prevent machine downtime, and cut costs.

Greater Energy Efficiency, Lower Costs

The AF2 determines not only the flow, but also the current pressure and temperature in the feed line, enabling advanced diagnosis of the system operating parameters. The data is forwarded to the control either via standard switch or analog outputs, or through IO-Link. Data can also be communicated directly via the Ethernet interface using OPC UA or MQTT. This allows information on the current or cumulative energy consumption to be passed straight on to the relevant parent system without requiring the machine control. The AF2 represents a true IIOT component.

The flow ranges of AF2 variants are ideally tailored to our AS family maintenance units and can be configured accordingly. Of course, this combination of sensor and filter can be used separately. The large, configurable OLED display clearly conveys all operating data. Various visualizations for measurements as well as process curves and cumulative values are possible.

Product Highlights of the AF2-Series

Serie AF2
Working Pressure0...16 bar
Flow Measuring Range 5 l/min -  1,060 l/min (Standard)/ 1,590 l/min (Extended)
 8 l/min -  1,630 l/min (Standard)/ 2,445 l/min (Extended)
22 l/min - 4,326 l/min (Standard)/ 6,490 l/min (Extended)
Process VariablesFlow, pressure, medium temperature, flow velocity, mass flow, mass, energy, volume
Process MediaCompressed air, argon (Ar),nitrogen (N2), helium (He), carbon dioxide (CO2)
CommunicationIndustrial: IO-Link, 2x analog-, 2x switching-, 1x frequency-, 1x pulse output (configurable)
Ethernet: webserver (dashboard), OPC-UA/ MQTT
Flow Measurement Accuracy+/- 3 % of the measured value + 0.3 % of the full scale value (Standard)
+/- 8 % of the measured value + 1 % of the full scale value (Extended)
Repeatability+/- 1.5% of the measured value
Medium Temperature Range-20 °C bis +60 °C
Operating Voltage Industrial:17 to 30 V DC
Ethernet: 36 to 57 V DC
Protection Class/td>IP65 und IP67 (EN 60529) with approved connection cable
Display Configurable color OLED display with 128x128 pixels for displaying measured values including graphs with history
Rotation of the display representation in 90 ° steps in the menu adjustable
Special Features Integrated history (60min, 24h, 7 days), and statistics (min, max, average) on measured values

The Smart Flow Sensor for Optimized Energy Efficiency

  • Large measurement range and integrated pressure sensor enable a broad spectrum of applications
  • Wide range of customizable analog and switch outputs
  • Comprehensive communication options via IO-Link or Ethernet interface
  • Large OLED display for excellent readability
  • High flexibility for system integration
  • Easy assembly and handling
  • For installation in maintenance units (configureable) or as a combination of sensor and filter
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