Sensor technology

Proximity sensors from AVENTICS

Proximity sensors

The right sensor solutions for every cylinder application

Automation technology demands excellent functionality and precision, which in turn require solid expertise at all levels. Perfectly matched cylinders and sensors guarantee the best results.

Aventics Cushioning Adjustment Tool

CAT - Cushioning Adjustment Tool

Precise, easy and fast cushioning adjustment with the new CAT.

Distance measuring sensors from AVENTICS

Distance measuring sensors

The analog distance measuring sensors ensure a continuous detection of the piston movements in measuring ranges from 32 up to 1,007 millimeters.

Pressure sensors from AVENTICS

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors for vacuum or compressed air: mechanical or electronic principle, with or without display. Easy to use and suitable for diverse fields of application.

Pneumatic sensors from AVENTICS

The sensors from AVENTICS allow the piston position on a pneumatic cylinder to be measured with high precision and ease. Thanks to simple mounting, flexible measurement range settings within the maximum range, and a high proximity switching rate, our sensors are ideal for use in demanding automation solutions. Featuring outstanding torsional stability, the sensors of the SM6-AL series are designed for large measurement ranges and optimized for PRA series standard cylinders.