E/P Pressure Regulator, Series EV03

E/P Pressure Regulator, Series EV03 - advantages at a glance

  • High flow rate with compact dimension
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Can be configured
  • Different electrical connection options

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Version Overview

The EV03 is available in different versions. Some functions are preset based on the chosen configuration and cannot be changed afterwards via the display. The table shows the different options.

Indirect Control With Pilot Valve

With the indirect control a pressure is applied to a volume using pilot valves. Several switch cycles are necessary for each control process. The pressure in these pilot volumes operates the valve (via a membrane). The outlet pressure is measured and any interference from the valve mechanics is electronically compensated.

Important feature:
In case of a power loss and thus a failure of the electrical control, mechanical pressure control is maintained by the pressure in the pilot volumes, even if air escapes from the main valve.

Therefore the indirectly controlled EPs are optimally suited for static conditions with only occasional set point changes.


The display shows the actual values and parameters directly on the device.

The following adjustment options are given:

  • Manual set point adjustment
  • Turn display lock on and off
  • Control dynamics (speed opt., plug&play, value opt.)
  • Control accuracy (optimized, plug&play, generous)
  • Beginning and end of pressure range
  • Minimum set point
  • Analog interface
  • Hysteresis and delay of the switched output
  • Language
  • Units
  • Contrast
  • Backlight

Assembly on a Mounting Plate

Mount the EV03 with two cylinder head screws through the upper through-holes (20) or the through-holes on the sides (21) on a mounting plate (19).

Assembly With a Mounting Kit

Assembly with mounting kit R414002582

  • 2x mounting panels (22)
  • 2x toothed lock washers (23)
  • 2x cylinder head screws (24)

Assembly on a TH35-7.5 rail with mounting kit R414002583

  • 1x mounting plate (25)
  • 1x cylinder head screw (26)
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