E/P Pressure Regulator, Series ED05

E/P Pressure Regulator, Series ED05 - advantages at a glance

  • Tailored, on-demand pressure control
  • Robust poppet valve technology, long service life
  • High flow for a wide range of tasks
  • Exemplary dynamics thanks to direct drive
  • No wearing pilot
  • Plug and play, without special parameterization
  • Various electrical connection options

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The Principle of Direct Control with a Proportional Solenoid Combines Precise Control with High Dynamics and Large Flow Rates

With the direct control principle, the force for moving the valve seat is applied by a proportional solenoid. As a result, this minimizes inertia and hysteresis in mechanical transfer elements, achieving greater dynamics, yet smaller control deviations. Pressure regulators with direct control exhaust the operating line in case of a supply voltage failure.

  • Contact pressure, braking pressure, speed, air flow, or RPM control in automation technology
  • Welding tip and counter-balancing control in the automotive industry
  • Special alterations for the commercial vehicle and railway industries 

ED05 – Robust and Ultra-Resistant

ED05 valves are based on particularly robust poppet valve technology, which does not place any special requirements on the air quality. The relatively large opening cross-section and use of a soft-sealing valve seat also make the valve highly resistant to contamination. AVENTICS is the technological leader in every aspect of electropneumatic pressure control and offers a comprehensive range of products for all nominal widths and applications. 

ED05 Series – Direct Control for Universal Application

Besides analog current and voltage interfaces, ED05 additionally offers all fieldbus options in combination with the AES series. 

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Technical Information

Pressure range 0 ... 11 bar
Set-upDirect control
Nominal flow1000 l/min
ControlAnalog M12
Analog Form C
Seriell M12
Hysteresis < 60 mbar
Repeatability< 30 mbar
Protection classIP65
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