E/P Pressure Regulator, Series EV12/18

E/P Pressure Regulator, Series EV12/18 - advantages at a glance

  • Compact design with very high flow, no pressure loss in case of a load
  • Versatile application as stand-alone solution, in maintenance units, or assembled into blocks
  • Different pressure profiles possible
  • Easy assembly thanks to modular principle
  • Various electrical connection options
  • Set point specification on the device or PLC

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High Flows With Dynamic Control

With an Extremely High Flow of up to 16500 L/Min, the EV12/18 Packs a Punch

The compact design hides the large flow capacity of th EV12/18 series electropneumatic pressure regulator. It can be used as a stand-alone solution (high flow valve), as a battery for block assembly with consistently controlled pressure, or integrated into a maintenance unit. The valves always provide tailored, on- demand pressure and have no pressure loss in case of a load, unlike manual regulators. The set point can be pre-defined via a control or right on the device. 

Adjust and Read Values on Site

The display is equipped with a clearly arranged, intuitive interface and can be used to adjust and view all required settings at any time.

In addition to the display controls, the key parameter settings also include:

  • Control dynamics
  • Control precision
  • Switch output hysteresis and delay
  • Minimum set point
  • Beginning and end of pressure range 

Technical Information

Pressure range 0 ... 10 bar
Design Targeted pilot control
Response to power failure Hold last pressure value
Reproducibility < 50 mbar
Hysteresis < 65 mbar
Display and parameterization Display and buttons, parameter setting via display or IO-Link
Set point 0 ... 10 V, 4 ... 20 mA IO-Link
Actual value Analog Switch output
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