Pressure regulators

E/P Pressure Regulators

AVENTICS is the technological leader in every aspect of electropneumatic pressure control and offers a range of products for all required nominal widths and applications.

Pressure Regulators

The optimal pressure for every application, ultra-precise and highly dynamic: Precisely set, dynamically adjusted pressure forms the basis for optimized, energy-efficient processes. AVENTICS offers a range of options, from highly dynamic electropneumatic pressure regulators to simple manual regulators that can be installed directly in the feed lines.

Our screw-in pressure regulators can be screwed directly onto individual consumers, where they provide the optimal pressure for the application. A typical application is a reduced-pressure return cylinder stroke to increase energy efficiency. With AVENTICS fine setting valves, you can set precise pressures manually. Featuring a wide range of actuation options, from a dial to a foot pedal, these regulators are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.