Rodless cylinders

RTC series rodless cylinders from AVENTICS

Rodless cylinders - advantages at a glance

  • Diversity
  • Performance
  • Compactness
  • Reliability and long service life

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The rodless cylinders offer optimized stroke length in a compact size. This saves space and facilitates machine design. The range of applications extends from piston diameters of 16 mm up to 80 mm and stroke lengths up to 9,900 mm. The cylinders feature extreme repeatability and cover a large speed range from 0.01 m/s to >20 m/s.


Series overview

The right solution for every application

The specific properties of the individual cylinder variants open up a whole range of practical applications.

The rodless cylinders series

Series GSU

This high-performance guided slide unit is the ideal basis for many handling systems. Stroke length and stroke position can be set variably along the entire length of the guided slide unit – Individually from both sides, underscoring the great flexibility during installation. Their very low height and the option of ventilation from one side improve their integration capacity.

Series CKP

The cylinders of the CKP series are particularly suitable for applications requiring the movement of heavy loads in space-critical machine environments. They feature integrated pneumatic cushioning and provide sturdy, ultra-precise guiding with excellent repeatability.

Rodless cylinders, RTC series

The compact design and the unique features of the RTC series offer entirely new application options.

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