Series MSC

Series MSC - advantages at a glance

  • Compact and strong
  • Maximum useful load and maximum rigidity
  • Functional design
  • Low-maintenance

The modular concept gives the users complete freedom of choice in every point

Versatile configuration options make the mini slide a truly universal handling component. Working precisely and reliably and absolutely custom-configured for specific applications, the mini slides effortlessly handle guide tasks in efficient handling.


Product features

Diameter and stroke

The MSC series is available in 5 sizes from Ø 8 up to 25 mm and can move useful loads from a few grams up to 17 kg.


Number of pistons

The MSC can be equipped with one or two pistons. This offers the opportunity of precisely considering the piston force, speed, guide stability, and vibration tendency performance values required by the respective application.


Guide unit

The integrated guide unit is available in the quality standards “medium performance” and “high performance”, which differ in terms of precision, rigidity, and load bearing capacity.


The pre-tensioned guide system without play featuring a one-piece slide table offers maximum stability and reliable precision with minimal tolerance values.


Air connections

Depending on the customer wishes, application and mounting situation, two optional end plates with different air connections can be used. Particularly convenient with connections from three sides or in the compact version with connections only at the rear.



The MSC series offers an extensive cushioning system with many options. Pneumatic cushioning provides a new, unique option that, in addition to the elastic cushioning elements and hydraulic shock absorbers, ensures especially gentle operation.


End position lock

In vertical process movements, the unit holds the mini slide in the end position after completion of the action.


Maximum rigidity

The pre-tensioned guide system without play and one-piece slide table offers maximum stability and reliable precision with minimal tolerance values. During construction, installation and commissioning as well as during operation.

Functional design

Sensors, stroke settings and air connections can be installed on both sides. This allows optimal adjustment to the installation situation in the machine. The symmetrical design allows the parallel assembly of two MSC.


The pneumatic cushioning features the same long service life and the same maintenance intervals as the piston drive. The hydraulic shock absorbers can be replaced without readjusting the stroke, which minimizes machine downtimes. The elastic cushioning elements are maintenance-free.



Quick, safe and secure connection – with the special Easy-2Combine interface, the mini slides can be combined to the other components of a handling system, for example rotary compact module, rodless cylinders, additional mini slides, or grippers without additional mounting plates. This is precisely what makes the MSC series perfectly suited as a universal component for many tasks in a great variety of sectors, especially in the areas of automation and handling.


Application example


The MSC series ensures precisely guided short stroke movements at a central point of a handling system.


Special machines

  • Easy selection of the optimal cylinder with the CylinderFinder and subsequent Internet configuration with intuitive navigation.

  • Configuration outcome including complete documentation with CAD data, parts list, own material number and price information.

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