Guide cylinders

Guide cylinders - advantages at a glance

  • Compactness
  • Endurance
  • Precision
  • Easy-2-Combine
  • Cushioning capacity

We offer the guiding for handling technology

Turning and driving. No more, and also no less. And everything from a single source. AVENTICS. Our components and complete solutions not only precisely guide objects and work pieces to their exact positions, we have also become one of leaders of handling technology.


Large solutions for small handling

The comprehensive pneumatic program of AVENTICS offers adequate solutions for nearly all conceivable functions of handling technology. Precisely matched components that are perfectly orchestrated thanks to the consistent high quality of our products coupled with sophisticated sensor technology for high precision render the pneumatic solutions perfect.


The modular and easy to install individual components are additional features of our offer in addition to the purely functional aspects. Easy-2-combine with the online configurator – a combination that pays off!


Our guide cylinders

Series MSC

The mini slides of the MSC series are compact, require only little installation space and reliably ensure the needed dynamic qualities of the system. They offer maximum rigidity for very high torque and load absorption while being low-wear thanks to the unique cushioning system. The option to supply pressure on three sides ensures great flexibility during the installation, while the variable stroke settings can implement different strokes within the individual sizes.

Series GPC

The GPC series is distinguished by high side load capacity and torsion protection. The drive and guide are robust and precise with high torque and transverse force absorption.

Series MSN

The mini slides offer precise guidance without play in a very slim package. Their particularly great variety of attachment and air supply options allow for application in virtually any position and location.

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Our guide cylinders

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