Bellow cylinders

Bellows actuators with bellows
Bellows actuators from AVENTICS
Bellows actuators from AVENTICS – robust, durable, flexible

Bellow cylinders - advantages at a glance

  • Great force, limited height, simple and robust
  • Allow angled movements and axial displacements
  • Non-friction movement, no stick-slip effect
  • Nearly wear and maintenance free
  • Long service life, even in adverse settings
  • High media and temperature resistance
  • High corrosion and acid resistance

Bellows cylinders – powerful, dynamic and highly resistant

Bellow cylinders are ideally suited for short strokes and great force. They operate without moving mechanical friction points – eliminating the need for seals and lubricants. This makes them practically maintenance and wear-free.

Due to their robust structure and the use of high-strength materials, the bellows cylinders can be reliably used under even the most adverse working conditions. Bellows cylinders – powerful, dynamic and highly resistant.

Complete pneumatic solutions from a single source

Our bellows cylinder series offer you the most suitable bellows actuator for all individual tasks and operating conditions. But that is not all – as your specialists for pneumatic automation solutions we offer the suitable components as well, including expert consulting.


Four bellows cylinder series offer all options required for a wide variety of applications

Excellently prepared – our bellows actuators are available in many sizes and versions – in single, double, or triple bellows variants. Various rubber qualities cover a large temperature range and guarantee the required resistance to chemicals. Their suitability for angled movements and axial offset offers a whole range of additional application areas. Depending on the series, they are suitable for angles of tilt of up to 30° and an offset of up to 30 mm.

  • The most extensive product offering on the market

  • Available force from 8.2 kN up to 390 kN

  • Stroke lengths from 15 mm to 680 mm

  • Bellows diameters from 60 mm to 950 mm

  • Tested safety up to 24 bar

  • Extremely long service life, in part up to 12 x longer than competitive products

    The bellow cylinders series

    BCP – Bellows cylinder with plate

    Bellows actuators with firmly flanged stainless steel covers and bellows made of caoutchouc in the standard version.


    The heat-resistant version is distinguished by bellows made of epichlorohydrin rubber (ECO) and the corrosion-resistant version by stainless steel covers (V2A).

    BCC – Bellows cylinder combined (rings & plates)

    Bellows cylinder with removable connectors. The customers have the option of replacing the rubber bellows themselves. Mounting via internal thread or threaded bolt.


    - BCC Ø 2-6 inch (internal thread): aluminum connectors, bellows made of CR elastomer

    - BCC Ø 8-16 inch (threaded bolt): galvanized steel connectors, bellows made of NR elastomer

    BCR – Bellows cylinder with ring

    Bellows cylinder designed for very high forces with an aluminum mounting ring (no covers) and bellows made of NR elastomer. For direct mounting to suitable connection surfaces in the system. Therefore the connection geometry is freely configurable.

    BRB – Bellow rolling lobe actuators

    Bellows cylinder designed for very high forces with an aluminum mounting ring (no covers) and bellows made of NR elastomer. For direct mounting to suitable connection surfaces in the system. Therefore the connection geometry is freely configurable.

    Whenever there is a rather rough situation, bellows actuators can show what they are capable of

    Whether high temperatures, dust, dirt or mud – bellows actuators are not easily fazed. They are accustomed to functioning reliably and holding out for a long time even when handling heavy loads and in adverse operating conditions.

    Their extremely long service life, the comparably low investment costs and their nearly maintenance-free continuous operation make application solutions with bellows actuators particularly economic. Our bellows actuators are primarily used by various sectors for two types of tasks:

    • For short, powerful strokes with limited installation space
    • For vibration, oscillation and acoustic isolation

     The wide scope and range of equipment options guarantee great flexibility in machine designs.

    Slide weight counterbalance on eccentric presses

    • Low-wear tool bearing
    • Improved running smoothness
    • Reduced drive output
    • Higher tool service life

    Stationary agricultural sorting machine

    • High power in very limited space
    • Precise responding behavior

    Vibration isolation on mobile agricultural engineering, sprayer

    • Protection of the driver
    • Level control
    • Dirt and dust resistant

    Pneumatic lever

    • Quick reaction time
    • Simple implementation of angled movement

    Vibration isolation on food industry kneading machine

    • High degree of isolation
    • High lateral stability
    • Corrosion-resistant products

    Temperature resistance in °C

    Used elastomers

    • NR – natural rubber mix
    • CR – chloroprene rubber
    • ECO – epichlorohydrin rubber

    Resistance to chemicals

    Abrasive solids, abrasion resistance+
    Anti-freeze, ethylene glycol/glycerin, silicone oil, weak lye/soap solution, acids: inorganic < 10% and organic+++
    Fuels, mineral oils, vegetable oilsAA+
    High ozone concentrationA++
    Aqueous saline solutions, water+

    + Resistant / A Resistance on request (Depending on exposure time, concentration, or temperature, for example)

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