Series PR1 & PR2, Precision Pressure Regulators

Series PR1 & PR2, Precision Pressure Regulators - advantages at a glance

  • Extremely accurate pressure control of the output pressure
  • High performance and absolute flexibility
  • Guaranteed reliability

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PR1 & PR2 Series

The precision pressure regulators in the PR1 and PR2 series are ideal for applications that demand fast responses to the slightest fluctuation in compressed air. They can be adjusted exactly and are a good alternative to electronic pressure regulators. Precision pressure regulators are used to achieve extremely accurate pressure control of the output pressure independently from the pilot pressure and the flow rate. They offer high performance and absolute flexibility, combined with guaranteed reliability.

Design Characteristics

  • Very good control and flow characteristics due to a larger ratio of the valve seat area to the diaphragm
  • Internal air consumption
  • The diaphragm control is performed by an integrated pilot stage

Application Examples

  • Hoisting gear
  • 3D measuring machines
  • Pantograph (railway technology)
  • Pneumatic presses
  • Cylinder controls
  • Roller controls
  • Web brake control
  • Paper web tensioner
  • Static applications
  • Pressurization of liquids
  • Contact pressure
  • Adhesive dosing
  • Laser cutting
  • Blowing air / purge air

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