Series NL

Series NL - advantages at a glance

  • Easy-to-assemble under all conditions
  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic condensate drains
  • Can be equipped with either transparent reservoirs
  • Bayonet catches ensure easy maintenance.

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NL Series – Universal Air Preparation Units for the Most Varied Applications

AVENTICS has created an extremely flexible and modular maintenance unit concept that is put to use in its particularly robust family of NL products. These units can deal with the most difficult ambient conditions and are reliable and precise in all applications and industries.

Quality that Grows to Fit Your Needs

The NL series air preparation unitsare in top-form for all areas: as individual components or assembled air preparation units, for centralized or decentralized compressed air preparation, in compact or powerful versions, for use in high or low temperatures.

This line offers you complete, customizable compressed air preparation technology. It includes an option to combine every component in the series to achieve the desired function, making it possible to adjust the components precisely to the application requirements.

The system includes everything from 1/8 to 1” connections, can handle a flow rate of up to 11,000 l per minute, comes with filter element sizes as small as 0.01 µm and can withstand nominal pressures of up to 16 bar.

Functional Reliability and a Long Service Life

NL series – the right solution to ensure reliable functioning of pneumatic controls and a guarantee for a long service life. Precise regulation of the required pressure ensures economical use of energy, and the differential pressure indicator for the microfilter lets you know when it is time to exchange the filter, resulting in even more system efficiency.

Special micro oil-mist lubricators that achieve the finest distribution and a uniform concentration of oil in the air flow ensure environmental compatibility. These are just a few examples that demonstrate the well thought-out details in the NL series – it is certain to have the right solution for your problem.

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