AS Series - Air Service System

AS Series - Air Service System - advantages at a glance

  • Modular versatility - all functions, all sizes
  • Compact dimensions
  • Highly efficient
  • Light and easy-to-use design
  • Reliable & safe
  • Simple assembly and maintenance efforts

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AS Series – Our Ace in the Hole for Perfect Compressed Air

All functions, all sizes – the modular versatility of the AS series Individual Product Design: Simple with the Online Configurator for air preparation units enable universal application. They have compact dimensions; are highly efficient; light and easy-to-use design; guarantee reliable, safe, and economical continuous operation with simplified assembly and maintenance efforts.

Everything That Is Possible – Everything That Is Needed

The air preparation units in the AS series not only perform the standard functions of filtration, regulation, and lubrication, they also allow for the integration of specific function requirements such as shut-off valves, filling valves, distributors, and non- return valves. They are set apart by excellent performance data, high flexibility, and exceptional energy efficiency, all thanks to optimized condensate drain valves, finely-tuned filter element sizes, and smooth and precise pressure regulators.

True highlights are the advanced functionalities like flow sensors, safety valves, E/P pressure regulators and oilers with electrical level detection. Of course, our product program also offers matching sensors, valves, various accessories and fittings as well as grease and oils.

Well-Equipped for Any Need with Just Four Series

The AS series covers the entire range up to a flow rate of 14500 l/min. With its award-winning industrial design, it is sure to convince you with its compact construction and use of modern materials. The assembly widths can be very small and high-quality polymers make the air preparation units very light, yet sturdy. Incorporating sophisticated technology and many fully automatic functions, reduce assembly and maintenance tasks to a minimum. It is no problem to exchange individual elements or expand the system at a later point, even when installed. By selecting the appropriate ATEX options, these air preparation units can also be used in explosive areas.

  • Semi or fully-automatic condensate drain valves
  • Finely-tuned filter element sizes for all applications
  • Contamination display for prefilters and microfilters
  • Patented system for semi-automatic oil filling
  • Capacity monitor for oil level
  • Reservoir made of transparent PC polymer with PA protective guard as standard
  • Easy reservoir release via a bayonet catch
  • Large inspection windows
  • Optional metal reservoir with sight glass
  • Smooth polymer surfaces can withstand cleaning
  • ATEX approval

The AS2 Series: Product Design Award 2006

"Modular concept for application-specific, compressed air-prep solutions. The AS2 series air preparation units protect the equipment against corrosion and damage from dirt particles, reducing breakdown and wear. The individual processes – filtering, controlling, oiling and dewatering – are combined in one unit. The modular design supports the greatest degree of application flexibility."

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Individual Product Design: Simple with the Online Configurator for Air Preparation Units

Tailor your air preparation units to your needs, budget, and application. The configurator embedded in the AVENTICS Engineering Tools enables exact planning: from documentation to CAD drawings for download, through to delivery tracking.

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