Maintenance units and components

Maintenance units and components - advantages at a glance

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  • Quality and design

Competent and well-designed down to the last detail – compressed air preparation from AVENTICS

The ever-increasing complexity and sensitivity of pneumatically controlled work processes continually redefine the requirements for compressed air preparation. AVENTICS confronts this challenge with comprehensive air supply management to cover any need.


Perfection is our business

Our comprehensive range of perfected air preparation technology offers customized solutions to provide optimum compressed air quality in a highly diverse range of applications and work environments. All components and every single detail in this extensive program follow our strategic product philosophy and are set apart by the same high standards in terms of quality and design.


All maintenance units from AVENTICS

AS Series - Air Service System

The four series with a flow rate ranging from 1,000 – 14,500 l/min and the variety of functions make the AS series suitable for use as universal maintenance units that can prepare compressed air for any application.

AS3-SV Series - Safety Valve

With the AS3-SV safety valve, you can achieve category 4 safety-relevant control while realizing the maximum performance level “e” (PLe) according to ISO 13849-1.

Series NL

Universal maintenance units for the most varied applications

MU1 series

MU1 series components are always the perfect choice for applications in tough environments where large dimensions, thread connections or flow rates are required. The largest connection G2 (2”) enables a compressed air flow rate of up to 50,000 l/min. and provides reliable filtration, regulation, and lubrication.

Series PR1 & PR2

The precision pressure regulators in the PR1 and PR2 series are ideal for applications that demand fast responses to the slightest fluctuation in compressed air. They can be adjusted exactly and are a good alternative to electronic pressure regulators.

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