Pneumatic Products

Pneumatic cylinders, drives and grippers

AVENTICS pneumatic cylinders: piston rod cylinders, rodless cylinders, and rotary drives – high performance, versatile, reliable.

Cylinder accessories

They are unimposing but essential. They simply belong there: the right accessories for the job. AVENTICS has always attached great importance to having an extensive program of accessories in order to ideally meet the needs of the most varied applications.

Valves and Valve Systems

From the mechanically, pneumatically or electrically actuated single valve to highly functional, modular valve systems and fieldbus connections, the AVENTICS product range covers all valve requirements.

Valves and valve systems according to standard

Valve systems and valves according to standard have a standardized interface and are available for individual wiring as well as in a plug-in version. In addition, our ISO valves cover a flow rate of up to 6,000 l/min.

Pressure regulators

AVENTICS ensures precisely controlled pressure in a wide range of applications with electopneumatically or manually operated pressure regulators, as well as pressure relief valves.

Flow and check valves

Unobtrusive but reliable: throttle, non-return, shut-off, and logic valves from AVENTICS – for installation or combination with pneumatic components.

Compressed Air Preparation

High-quality filtering, control, and lubrication – all the components and accessories you need for reliable compressed air preparation.

Vacuum technology

The perfect pneumatic components for individual handling requirements, including non-contact gripping, mechanical gripping, and vacuum gripping.

Sensor technology

The sensors from AVENTICS allow you to measure the position and flow of your pneumatic system and detect the position of cylinder pistons and workpieces.

Pneumatic Connection Technology

Pneumatic connection technologies from AVENTICS. Premium connection pieces perfectly complement high-quality machine elements.

Electrical connection technology

From plugs and cables for connecting individual valves, to multipole solutions for valve systems and active components.

Smart Pneumatics

AVENTICS offers direct added value for your IoT concept, with smart components that integrate seamlessly into a digital environment thanks to on-board intelligence and compliance with all relevant communication standards.