Marex ECS: exclusive remote ship control

Marex ECS – your advantages

Marex ECS from AVENTICS – designed to keep the course
  • Exclusive chrome surfaces, contrasted with black 
  • Language-independent icons 
  • Subtle backlight illumination 
  • Dynamic, asymmetric levers 
  • Unique, timeless design

Marex ECS – designed to keep the course

Excellent design supports operation in all situations. The straightforward, timeless style of the Marex ECS goes well with any ship design. The icons on the control panel are self-explanatory and enable language-independent, intuitive operation.

Technology meets the highest standards

Easy to operate, unique design, universal possibilities. The Marex ECS meets the highest production and quality standards, with endurance testing of one million lever actuations.

The Marex ECS is designed for recreational ships (pleasure boats) and utility vessels, its hardware comes from proven automotive applications, and it is compatible with a variety of machines and transmissions – with reliable CAN bus technology and a self-diagnosis system that sends any alarm to the system.


Service for Marine Technology
Service for Marine Technology

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