Marex AMC Modular

Marex AMC Modular – your advantages

Marex AMC Modular from AVENTICS – your safety upgrade
  • The CAN bus technology reduces installation time, offering a maximum of safety at the same time.
  • Can be easily configured via a computer
  • Display variants ranging from 6.5" – 19"
  • Available with a touch function on request

Marex AMC Modular – your safety upgrade

Marex AMC Modular offers major benefits for data transmission and security thanks to CAN bus technology. Displays from 6.5" to 19" are available with a touch function on request. The user interface can be customized.

Highly versatile application options with Marex AMC Modular

  •  Alarm and monitoring systems
  •  Safety system
  •  Fire alarm system
  •  Secondary display for engine alarm systems
  •  Automation systems
  •  Navigation light control 

Marex AMC Modular: convincing in every detail

The CAN bus technology reduces the cabling effort. If necessary, the system can be configured redundantly to minimize the risk of a system malfunction. The displays are equipped with an automatic dimming function. They remain readable anytime, even with varying light incidence on several displays. Transflective, energy-saving displays also make it possible to work in bright sunlight.

Service for Marine Technology
Service for Marine Technology

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