Marine Technology

Marex OS II for controllable pitch propellers – design and function custom-configurable


Designed for an economic operation of controllable pitch propeller and water jet drives.

Marex OS III from AVENTICS – flexible, modular system architecture

Marex OS III

Marex OS III systems are available for controllable pitch propellers, jet propulsions, and reversing gear systems.

Marex VBR control head and joystick

Marex OS VBR

Passenger ships and utility vessels can count on reliable navigation thanks to the Marex OS VBR for Voith-Schneider propellers. 


Marex 3D

The joystick system Marex 3D takes the stress out of maneuvering in tight spaces. The intuitive ship control moves your ship smoothly and responsively. 

Marex ECS from AVENTICS – designed to keep the course

Marex ECS

A genuine eye-catcher on your bridge.

Marex VCS from AVENTICS – simple construction with a single control cabinet

Marex VCS

The pneumatic valve control and tank sounding system.

Marex AMC Compact from AVENTICS – efficient and compact

Marex AMC Compact

Efficient and compact – for safety on board.

Marex AMC Modular from AVENTICS – display

Marex AMC Modular

Marex AMC Modular offers major benefits for data transmission and security thanks to CAN bus technology.

Pneumatic engine automation from AVENTICS – high performance with individual configuration options

Pneumatic engine automation

They’re the first choice for large engines: Our pneumatic components, undeterred by the rough conditions of the high seas.

AVENTICS Marine Technology at a glance

Marine technology expertise

Our components and systems for pneumatic and electronic ship propulsion control are tailored to customer requirements and very reliable. Engineering “Made in Germany”, careful production, and durability are only a part of the success. Collaboration with engine, transmission, and propeller manufacturers result in the highest performance standards that prove themselves daily – supported by a global service network.

Less “time to market” – more “time to run”

Marex ship controls include solutions and products such as remote controls, ship alarm systems, monitoring systems, and joysticks. This decentralized automation is backed up by a convincing principle: standard and module concepts simplify design while open interfaces facilitate communication. You benefit from the rapid implementation of new products, completed certifications, and commissioning assistance, combined with practical training courses.

Service for Marine Technology

In addition to our repair service, we support you in commissioning, system optimization, maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, and much more.

Our service

Courses at the Marex Academy

Broaden your knowledge of operation and product features here and take full advantage of the technical possibilities of our marine technology.

To the training options

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