Smart Pneumatics - Opportunities for industry through intelligent pneumatics

Added value to boost your success

Intelligent pneumatics from AVENTICS - Internet of Things
  • Predictive maintenance through integrated diagnostics
  • Energy efficiency through effective use of compressed air
  • Operating comfort thanks to simple plug-and-run Application

AVENTICS offers direct added value for your IoT concept, with smart components that integrate seamlessly into a digital environment thanks to on-board intelligence and compliance with all relevant communication standards. Our solutions focus on the flexible further use of the generated information. Local evaluation and storage in the component, in a local database, in a private or public cloud – all options are covered.

AVENTICS' pathway to the Internet of Things

Want to check the state of wear? Need information on energy efficiency? The new Smart Pneumatics Monitor will provide you with reliable answers. It sends status messages to defined employees and parent IT systems without detouring to the machine controller. This minimizes the risk of machine downtime and substantially lowers operating costs.

Together with our AES fieldbus solution, the Smart Pneumatics Monitor (SPM) IoT gateway analyzes existing sensor signals and uses the result to generate status information. To monitor the wear of a shock absorber, for example, the SPM breaks down the end switch signals to evaluate the cushioning sequence. Algorithms written by AVENTICS based on the company’s application experience analyze this data internally and send the  information either to defined people or to the parent MES or ERP systems via the OPC UA interface.

The SPM makes it easy for AVENTICS customers who are already using AV valves and the AES fieldbus system to take a further step towards implementing IoT solutions. Programming of the SPM can even be edited while the application is running, without any impact on communication to the controller.



SMART PNEUMATICS MONITOR – the intelligent solution from AVENTICS

SPM basic equipment and connections
  • Local data collection and analysis independent of the controller 
  • Pre-installed analysis modules for condition monitoring and energy efficiency analyses 
  • Simple creation of individual analyses 
  • Support of IoT-relevant communication interfaces 
  • Open platform for extensive customization 

SPM basic equipment and connections

  • eSOM/3517 with TI AM3517 32-bit ARM Corte @600 MHz
  • Linux OS with VPN and firewall
  • Graphical user interface for parameterization and programming
  • Optional LTE modem (GSM, UMTS, HSPA)
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN, 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN, USB 2.0 host, DVI/HDMI, RS232/RS485 bundled to RS422, real-time clock
  • 12–24 V/DC power supply
  • Communication protocols: OPC UA Server, OPC UA Client, Modbus Master, Modbus Slave, MQTT, S7 RFC1006, cloud connectors: SPA, Microsoft Azure IoT

Smart Pneumatics Monitor

The AVENTICS central gateway for networked pneumatics in the Internet of Things: The Smart Pneumatics Monitor.


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