Technologies for the Railway Industry

“The major challenge is in reducing overall operating costs for the complete railway transport system to be able to compete with road traffic.”

Control and Regulation – Pneumatics is the First Choice for Rail Vehicles

Having to move a lot every day means you need partners and a technology you can rely on. That's where pneumatics comes in – a robust and intelligent technology. And AVENTICS – your innovative and experienced partner, with a product range that has been designed to meet the special requirements of the railway industry.

AVENTICS offers pneumatic solutions for leveling and brake control in trains.

Pneumatic Solutions for Leveling and Brake Controls

Always at the right level, a precise floor level to platform height enables short station stop.

AVENTICS sells a huge range of pneumatic components for the control of pantograph applications.

Pneumatic Solutions for Pantograph Controls

No compromise – pantographs have to work: at any speed, in all conditions.

AVENTICS offers robust solutions that help to unload freight cars.

Pneumatic Solutions for Unloading Freight Cars

Unloading bulk freight is a harsh and unforgiving task in which only toughest material and designs can survive.

Our Tradition: Quality and Reliability in Railway Traffic

The history of our company goes back to the invention of the pneumatic brake for trains, one of the first industrial applications for pneumatics.

Today, we offer an extensive range of high quality rail specific products that contribute to long life with low maintenance. Many of our pneumatic components for railway are standard products modified to meet rail requirements. They are produced at optimum cost under high-volume conditions – worldwide, for customers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

  • We know the special requirements and standards
  • We have the rail expertise and speak our customers’ language
  • We offer global support

 To us, close collaboration with our customers and partners works the switches for success.

We Know What is Important in the Rail Business

Safety comes first, both for people and functions. Maximum reliability in all areas is essential. Our pneumatic components have been extensively tested, they meet the highest levels of the relevant standards, fulfill all expectations, are sturdy and made to last. They feature low-maintenance, cost efficient continuous operation, and low life cycle costs thanks to their long life.

  • Designed for extreme temperature ranges
  • Safe and reliable under all conditions
  • Resistant to shock and vibration

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Questions regarding our railway products? Please contact us.
Frank Gevers, Director Railway with AVENTICS

Frank Gevers

Director Railway

+49 176 1313 6305

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