Commercial Shipping

Solutions for commercial shipping – your advantages at a glance

  • Tailored solutions 
  • Classified 
  • Modular extension possible 
  • From standard components 
  • Global service network 
  • Supplementary practical training courses

Professional marine technology for commercial shipping

Our components can be found on all types of ships across the globe. Engineering “Made in Germany”, careful production, and durability are only a part of the success. Collaboration with engine, transmission, and propeller manufacturers result in the highest performance standards that prove themselves daily  – ensured by a global service network. Our components and systems for pneumatic and electronic ship propulsion control are tailored to customer requirements and very reliable.

Made in Germany – in action around the world

With an alarm and monitoring system custom-designed for your needs, you can see multiple processes on your ship at a glance. Our remote control systems can be easily adapted to the conditions on different vessels and also provide a convincing modular design. Our durable, highly reliable pneumatic components for marine automation are an integral part of our product range, which is continuously optimized through research and further development.


Remote ship control

Ship alarm and monitoring systems

Ballast tank systems

Pneumatic engine automation

They’re the first choice for large engines: Our pneumatic components, undeterred by the rough conditions of the high seas.

Service for Marine Technology

Benefit from our wealth of experience. Our trained team of experts continues to be available with well-coordinated service to assist you with AVENTICS components beyond your purchase.

Our service

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