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Owners, outfitters, and shipyards around the world depend on AVENTICS. This section contains information on a number of reference projects that show our components and systems in action around the world – including special features, classifications, and all other relevant information.

Marex OS VBR for Voith-Schneider propellers

Marex OS III for reversing gear systems – advanced technology that makes your work a whole lot easier

The Marex OS VBR is suitable for Voith-Schneider propellers, controllable pitch propellers, and rudder propellers – new or for retrofit.

Marex OS III for controllable pitch propellers

Marex OS III can be found on passenger ships and utility vessels, freight carriers as well as on motor and sailing yachts of all kinds and sizes.

Marex OS III – optimized for reversing gear systems

Marex OS III reversing gear applications range from yachts and utility vessels to passenger ships and coasters.

Marex AMC alarm and monitoring system

Marex AMC is available in the variants Marex AMC Compact and Marex AMC Modular. Find out more about the products.

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