Solutions for Pet Stretch Blow Molding

PET stretch blow molding – advantages at a glance:

Pneumatics solutions for PET bottle production – efficiency for more productivity
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Less downtime and costs through reliable continuous operation
  • Cost benefits through simple assembly and optimized maintenance
  • Over 2000 cycles per hour for high efficiency
  • Optimized energy efficiency

Pneumatics solutions for PET bottle production: efficiency for more productivity

The growing variation in the beverage industry requires a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes – and suitably flexible and modular PET blow molding machines. With AVENTICS' pneumatic solution for beverages users can monitor the pre-blow molding process in the production of PET bottles online, in real time, and immediately make any necessary adjustments. This results in reduced material and energy consumption during high-throughput PET bottle production. For the first time, PET bottle formation can now be controlled and adjusted during the blow molding process.

In collaboration with a major filling company, AVENTICS performed extensive research on the blow molding process. By combining a proportional valve, control electronics, and software, the solution records the actual values occurring during the process and compares them with the set points.

Intelligent solutions at any size

System solutions from AVENTICS are ideal for product and format changes. The result: better system availability, more productivity, and reduced energy consumption. Standard and high-speed valves especially designed for stretching cylinders, high-pressure technology, and machine applications optimize system performance. At the same time, the latest generation of sophisticated cylinder technology with optimized pneumatic cushioning ensures high precision and a long service life. This is backed by our in-depth industry expertise that ensures comprehensive consultation and distinctive application know-how for our customers.

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