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AVENTICS Marine Technology makes controlling and manoeuvering the new Sunseeker 76 luxury yacht a breeze

In the world of motor boats, luxury has a name: Sunseeker International Ltd. The manufacturer of extravagant yachts has long been known worldwide – not least by appearing in spectacular James Bond scenes. The company stands for style, exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. In line with the exclusive requests of its customers, Sunseeker equips its recently introduced Yacht 76 with Marex remote control and joystick systems from AVENTICS. Having this technology on board makes navigating, docking and departing easier and safer.

Lounge seats, cocktail bars, and a rainfall shower

Nick Lean, Senior Manager Sunseeker International Ltd

The Yacht 76 is a true Sunseeker, setting benchmarks in its class. Lounge seats, cocktail bars, or a mini beach club with BBQ and rainfall shower – this exclusive motor boat is where wishes come true. But it isn’t just the spacious three decks with countless options for customisation and design that offer pure relaxation at sea. Located in Poole in Southern England, yacht manufacturer Sunseeker International Ltd makes controlling and manoeuvring the luxury yacht an easy-going experience. The Marex 3D joystick system allows captains with different skill levels and experiences to easily manoeuvre the mega yacht. Even in tight slips, they can dock and depart without fearing an accident.

The ship can be controlled from various locations on board. AVENTICS system technology permits up to six joysticks. Based on the size of the boat, Sunseeker opted for three joysticks on its latest model, the Yacht 76, measuring just under 24 metres. The ship can be moved easily and securely from the bridge, flydeck or quarterdeck. Captains can choose which joystick they would like to use according to their personal experience and use of the decks depending on the current weather or visibility.

Joystick facilitates intuitive operation

The three-axis Marex OS 3D joystick enables intuitive operation without having to coordinate the propulsion elements separately. Based on the specific situation, the captain can choose whether to use the 3D mode, which actuates the main propulsion drives and bow and stern thrusters centrally, or to control only the thruster with the joystick in thruster mode.

This convenient, secure manoeuvring at the tap of a finger owes to the proven AVENTICS control concept. The individual components of the Marex OS 3D can be combined based on the application and desired equipment. Starting with the joystick in a modern, ergonomic design through to the preassembled cables to connect modules and the main computer via CAN bus, the Marine Technology experts at AVENTICS have perfectly matched all technical elements to one another.

The heart of the system is vector controlled by means of a marine propulsion controller. The MPC 3D processes the commands received by the joystick, calculating vectors that are required to control the main propulsion and thruster. In combination with an electronic compass, this technology makes manoeuvring much easier, even when facing strong side winds or currents: Such adverse environmental conditions are no problem for the system thanks to its automatic heading compensation function.

Docking a breeze

Local AVENTICS partner for marine technology, PME Group Limited, delivered and commissioned the Marex OS 3D. The joystick is just one of the components AVENTICS offers for decentralised automation of ship controls. The modular concept includes a range of inter-compatible components, offering open interfaces for motor suppliers. This simplifies system installation and commissioning, enabling a faster time-to-market. Nick Lean,Senior Manager at Sunseeker International Ltd in Poole finds this particularly advantageous, and the company not only uses the joystick control in the Yacht 76, but Sunseeker’s motor supplier has also integrated the AVENTICS Marex OS III ship control into its system. “The entire electrical control forms a powerful unit, ensuring all components are perfectly compatible,” states the Senior Manager, emphasising that quick completion of a yacht is crucial.

Proven system technology from a single source

Along with the joystick system, Sunseeker also uses the Marex OS III for the adjustable propeller, jet propulsion and reversing gear. For years it has been used on various mega and super yachts for efficient, safe and simple propulsion system control. The hardware consists of only a few modular units with software preconfigured at the factory, meaning it can be installed quickly and easily.

The control uses a self-monitored CAN bus for each of the maximum five parallel powertrains, increasing the powerful system’s reliability significantly. The functions in use have already found success in a wide range of applications. Marex systems have established their place on premium yachts thanks to the controller’s modern design combined with the ease of use of the operating elements.

Sunseeker benefits from the fact that the Marex OS III doesn’t require any project-based programming. All that is needed to adapt the control to the current yacht conditions is to set a few customer-specific parameters and add required functions using the integrated PLC as necessary.

“Thanks to the sophisticated control technology, the yacht mirrors the movement of the joystick exactly. The Marex joystick on the Yacht 76 is an excellent feature that makes docking so much simpler.”

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