Pneumatic Solutions for Pantograph Controls

No Compromise – Pantographs Have to Work: at Any Speed, in All Conditions

AVENTICS is an expert of everything pneumtaic that is needed in traisn for pantograph control.
  • Customized products and system solutions
  • Pre-tested components ready for bolt-on delivery
  • Products and solutions tested to customer and rail standards
  • Compliance with safety standards


Precision regulators, bellows actuators, special valves, and matching accessories – AVENTICS supplies all pneumatic products and assemblies needed to control pantographs.

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We have the rail expertise and speak our customers’ language while our pneumatic components are in line with all railway-specific norms and standards.

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In which applications can one find pneumatic components from AVENTICS? Here, you learn more about where and how our pneumatics solve our customers' needs.

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The Complex Control Electronics in Rail Vehicles Require a Continuous Power Supply

Pantograph Components and Layout
Pantograph Components and Layout

The challenge lies in reliably maintaining the contact between the carbon strip of the pantograph and the catenary. But not pushing against the catenary line too hard to prevent wear or even ripping – a task perfectly solved by pneumatics with accurate pressure control. With smart and robust components tailored to railway and customer specific requirements.

The pneumatic solution with electropneumatic valves, precision regulators, bellow actuators, and air preparation pushes the carbon strip against the catenary with the right pressure. Tailored to a wide range of pantograph applications. At all speeds and curves or at different voltages and pantograph widths in various countries – the pneumatic components are designed to meet all needs. They are not only extremely reliable and robust, they are also virtually wear-free compared to electromechanical actuation.

“With 140 years of experience in the railway industry, we cover the entire range of applications in rail.”

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