Pneumatic Solutions for Unloading Railcars

Unloading Bulk Freight is a Harsh and Unforgiving Task in Which Only Toughest Material and Designs Can Survive

AVENTICS offers a variety of pneumatic solutions for the harsh environment of unloading railcars
  • Specialized products with long proven track record
  • Pretested components ready for bolt-on delivery
  • Worldwide individual products tested to required specifications
  • Long life and service intervals, thanks to robust design and material selection


AVENTICS offers robust pneumatic solutions for the safe and fast unloading of bulk freight from railcars.

Product Overview


Our railway-experts speak our customer's language and our pneumatics fulfill all railway-specific standards and laws.

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Which applications rely on the pneumatic products and solutions from AVENTICS? Learn more about how to apply our products to your needs.

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Switch & Move: Pneumatics are the Top Choice in Freight Cars

AVENTICS provides railcar cylinders that make operating bottom discharge doors safe and easy.
AVENTICS railcar cylinder with leightweight fiberglass tube used to operate the bottom discharge doors.

Our products' robust design is based on proven materials and ensures peace of mind for users as they can count on the trouble-free continous operation with very long maintenance intervals. This applies both to actuators, valves and valve systems as well as key accessoires, including tubing, fittings, filters and regualtors.

The sturdy and powerful actuators are available in custom versions in various strokes lengths and sizes.

Apart from being just as robust and designed for temperatures to 70 °C, the valve components of the fifth generation offer many practical advantages. These include manifold designs with common supply and exhaust ports, integrated diodes for easy installation and replacement, and a manual operator that also acts as an "open door" indicator: quality and safety.

"We have a long history of working with our customers to solve specific problems for the freight car industry."

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