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Laatzen (Germany), 06.02.2018 | News

Move difficult-to-grip or extremely sensitive workpieces with Aventics vacuum and gripper technology

No matter whether securely combining heavy workpieces, reliably lifting a glass plate, or moving foods without coming into contact: In modern automation, handling tools play a major role. Whether the workpieces are moved with a mechanical gripper or a vacuum depends on various factors. Aventics provides its customers with consultation as to what technology should be used and when, showcasing select solutions at the Hannover Messe 2018.


Laatzen, February 6, 2018 – To keep the entire production process as efficient as possible, it must include just the right handling tools. Companies have to consider exactly what type of handling they want to use and where. Pneumatics specialist Aventics supports customers from planning to assembly.

“Both powerful and sensitive, vacuum technology, for example, is ideal for securely and gently moving difficult-to-grip or extremely delicate workpieces,” explains Anna Kolotilina, Strategic Product Management at Aventics. Because vacuum technology follows special principles, safe vacuum operation and suitable component design require specific expertise. Relative and absolute vacuum values, the effect of the natural atmospheric pressure, the holding force depending on the level of vacuum and effective surface of a vacuum cup, optimized energy needs when generating the required vacuum level, reliable control and monitoring of vacuum circuits – these are topics the experts at Aventics work with daily.

NCT series floating suction pads are a special solution: The targeted control of compressed air and air flow generates a differential pressure and lifting force between the transport unit and the object. As a result, workpieces can be lifted and moved friction-free with virtually no surface contact at all, and without causing any damage or deformation. “The NCT is ideal for tasks that cannot use vacuum technology with suction caps, because a tight connection between the object and suction unit is either not possible or not permitted,” continues Anna Kolotilina. Porous or permeable workpieces such as electronic printed circuit boards with perforation, soft material such as paper or plastic bags, or objects with rough, sensitive, or dusty surfaces can all be moved with the product.

Mechanical grippers for high gripping forces

And though vacuum technology offers many advantages, “About half of all pick-and-place tasks in production are performed by vacuum grippers,” reports Florent Orget, Strategic Product Management at Aventics. “Mechanical grippers take care of the rest. With our new range of grippers, we offer customers the option to purchase grippers for a majority of applications, in addition to all our other products.”

When it comes to tasks requiring a high gripping force, mechanical grippers are key. Aventics offers UPG series pneumatically actuated mechanical grippers. With seven sizes spanning from 40 to 160 millimeters, the series covers performance needs for virtually any standard application in automation technology. Thanks to their robust kinematics and compact design, these grippers can be used anywhere in handling technology for universal applications and offer a wide range of gripping forces up to 2,000 newtons. The mechanical grippers are two-finger parallel grippers characterized by their high gripping forces, precision, and exact movement of the clamping jaws. They can be selected based on the application requirements and flexibly equipped with object-specific gripper fingers.

At the Hannover Messe 2018 in hall 23, booth C39, Aventics will fill customers in on handling solutions. The international industrial trade fair will take place from April 23 to 27, 2018, in Hanover under the banner “Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate”.




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