Customer reviews

For us, quality means consistently meeting the expectations of our customers. We concentrate on their needs and requests and highly value making business easy. Read on to learn more about what our customers value most about us.

What our customers say

“AVENTICS products meet the strict standards for sustainability and performance that we have set for our own saw lines.”

Raimo Karjalainen, Technical Director at Veisto Oy in Mäntyharju (Finland)

“In addition to reliable components, we also need close contact and collaboration with suppliers based on partnership to detect optimization potentials in good time and drive improvements forward together.”

Wolfgang Buchkremer, Senior Manager Research & Engineering at Elopak EQS GmbH in Mönchengladbach (Germany)

“Our first diffusion welding systems had three separate control processes for contact movement during welding. […] Using the proportional valves from AVENTICS, we can now take the three movements and simulate the smooth sequence of a robot to implement all in a single loop. As a result, we've been able to cut the time just about in half in this application.”

Thorsten Hoffmeister, Managing Director of GAteK Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik und Konstruktion mbH in Wunstorf (Germany)    

“For us, outright reliable components are crucial to increase the safety and availability of our vehicles.”

Heinrich Scheiter, Managing Director of SRT Schörling Rail Tech GmbH in Sehnde (Germany)

“Thanks to AVENTICS’ valve technology, as a plant manufacturer we save assembly time and costs and users record a lower compressed air consumption. This helps us significantly increase the energy efficiency of our systems.”

Martin Stolte, CTO at V+M Systems GmbH in Warburg (Germany)

“The extensive application expertise [of AVENTICS] really helped us in designing and optimizing the new GP tinter.”

Thomas Amrein, Owner and Managing Director of Matti Technology AG in Sulgen, Switzerland