Pressure gauge, Series PG1-SAS-ADJ

  • Back port
  • with adjustable work area display
  • Background color Black
  • Scale color White, Grey
  • Viewing window Polystyrene
  • Units bar
  • Units psi
Pressure gauge, Series PG1-SAS-ADJ
Version  Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Version  with adjustable work area display
Standardization  EN 837-1
Class  2,5
Ambient temperature min./max.  -40 ... 60 °C
Medium  Compressed air
Work area  adjustable work area display
Work Area Display, Color  Red Green
Main scale unit (outside)  bar
Main scale color (outside)  White
Secondary scale unit (inside)  psi
Secondary scale color (inside)  Grey
Background color  Black
Pointer color  White
Weight  0,1 kg
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Pressure gauge, Series PG1-SAS-ADJ

Technical data

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