Mini slide computation 10/1/20 7:07 AM

Program ver. 1.5
Field for customer notes


Medium performance Guide. Available for stroke up to 100 mm.
Mass fixed to carrier: (kg)
Lever arm: x (mm)
Lever arm: y (mm)
Lever arm: z (mm)
Supply pressure: Ps (bar)
Pressure drop
Delta P (0-2 bar)
Tube length: (m)
Cylinder orientation:
Stroke: s (mm)
Time for one Stroke: t (s)
Cylinder serie:
Type of cushioning:
Pre choice:

The program result may be seen as a recommendation for choice of components. AVENTICS may not be held liable for any damages occuring from the use of this program.

Note that this software simulation is for motion in one direction only. Use the Load and/or Piston rod movement menus (as applicable) to select a different motion.