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Tie rod cylinders from AVENTICS

Cylinders and Drives
Our Pneumatic cylinders are particularly sturdy and resistant and each component has the best quality and design.

Cylinders and Drives
Valve systems from AVENTICS

Valves and valve Systems
From the mechanically, pneumatically or electrically actuated single valve our product range covers all valve requirements.

Valves and valve Systems

Compressed Air Preparation
High-quality filtering, control, and lubrication – all the components and accessories you need for reliable compressed air preparation.

Compressed Air Preparation

AVENTICS at a glance

AVENTICS location in Germany (Laatzen)


AVENTICS compte parmi les fabricants leader en composants et systèmes pneumatiques ainsi qu’en applications spécifiques au client. Le spécialiste de la pneumatique propose des produits et prestations pour l’automation industrielle et se focalise sur les branches Commercial vehicles, Food and beverage, Railway technology, Life sciences, Energy et Marine technology. Grâce à l’intégration de l’électronique, à l’utilisation de matériaux de pointe et à l’intérêt porté aux thèmes tels que la sécurité des machines et l’industrie 4.0, AVENTICS fait figure de précurseur en matière de solutions environnementales et conviviales.

AVENTICS at a glance

Industries & Trends

Intelligent pneumatics from AVENTICS - Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

Intelligent pneumatic systems build bridges to the Internet of Things, ensure system availability, and lower operating costs thanks to central analysis and control electronics.

AVENTICS – It´s that easy

It’s that easy: AVENTICS supplies pneumatics at the press of a button

You are the center of our attention. We offer fast results and reliable, simple solutions for industrial pneumatics. Based on our many years of expertise, we develop customized products for your applications, tailored to your needs and delivered just in time. Our service: We are at your service at the press of a button! Our ambition is being the smart pneumatic company that is easy to do business with: It’s that easy.

ES05 – the simple solution for elementary pneumatics

ES05 is a valve system that has been designed especially for standard pneumatics applications and industrial automation. Simple, flexible and efficient – without bells and whistles.

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