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Acceptance of terms and conditions
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New features in release 6.0
  1. Improved user interface
  2. Improved log on
  3. Improved performance

Terms and conditions in relation to the use of this software

The purpose of this software is to support the evaluation of suitable products for industrial use (application). Additional information regarding Aventics products and guidance for choice of a suitable product can be obtained by contacting the nearest Aventics sales office/representative.

Since the software cannot take into account all necessary factors, which are needed in order to choose an optimal product for a given application, the software result should only be seen as a preliminary recommendation for your choice of product. Aventics accepts no liability in relation to any damages or any other consequence, which results from your choice of product, from the use of this software. This shall equally apply if the software contains faults or deficiencies. The software may be altered without any communication of such change.


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