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► Control: plug M12 ► Plug, M12x1, 4-pin ► Number of solenoid coils: 1
Ambient temperature min./max. -15°C / +50°C
Protection class IP65
Protective circuit 43 V bi-directional
DC operating voltage 24 V
Operational voltage AC at 50 Hz 24 V
Operational voltage AC at 60 Hz 24 V
Voltage tolerance DC -20% / +20%
Voltage tolerance AC 50 Hz -10% / +10%
Voltage tolerance AC 60 Hz -10% / +10%
Valve LED status display Yellow
Mounting screw M2.5 with slot
Tightening torque for mounting screws [+0,05] 0.25 Nm

Housing  Polyester amide
Seals  Fluorocaoutchouc
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Operating conditions
Part No.
to valve
Electrical connector, ISO 15217, form C

1) not assigned
2) not assigned
3) ground
4) magnet 14
5) Sealing cap for manual override not removable
6) Removable
7) LED valve
8) captive seal and screw

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