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Base plate, ports 2 and 4 on side
► standard: ISO 15407-1 ► Frame size: 26 mm ► type B ► Compressed air connection output: G 1/4 - 1/4-18 NPTF ► Can be assembled into blocks ► Base plate principle, multiple ► Reversed pressure supply permissible ► With collective pilot air exhaust
Standards ISO 15407-1, 26 mm
Ambient temperature min./max. -25°C / +70°C
Medium temperature min./max. -25°C / +70°C
Medium Compressed air
Working pressure min./max. -0.95 bar / 16 bar
Number of valve positions 1
Grid dimension 27 mm
Mounting screw with hexagon socket
Tightening torque for mounting screws 4 Nm
Direction of pneumatic port (2,4) On the side
Exhaust (3,5) With directional exhaust (3/5)
  Ports separated
Compressed air connection According to ISO 15407-1

Base plate  Aluminum; Polyamide, fiber-glass reinforced
Seals  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
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Data sheet

Operating conditions
Technical Remarks
The min. control pressure must be adhered to, since otherwise faulty switching and valve failure may result!
The pressure dew point must be at least 15 °C under ambient and medium temperature and may not exceed 3 °C.
The oil content of compressed air must remain constant during the life cycle.
Use only the approved oils from AVENTICS, see chapter „Technical information“.

Frame size
Compressed air connection 
Part No.
[2 / 4]
26 mm
G 1/4
1/4-18 NPTF
Scope of delivery incl. seal and mounting screws


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