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Maintenance unit, 3-part, Series AS1-ACT
► G 1/4 ► Air supply: left ► filter porosity: 5 µm ► With integrated pressure gauge
Version 3-part, Can be assembled into blocks
Parts Filter, Pressure regulator, Lubricator
Mounting orientation vertical
Working pressure min./max. 1.5 bar / 12 bar
Medium Compressed air
Neutral gases
Medium temperature min./max. -10°C / +50°C
Ambient temperature min./max. -10°C / +50°C
Regulator type Diaphragm-type pressure regulator
Regulator function with relieving air exhaust
Adjustment range min./max. 0.5 bar / 8 bar
Pressure supply single
Filter reservoir volume 16 cm³
Filter element exchangeable
Condensate drain See table below
Lubricator reservoir volume 35 cm³
Type of filling Manual oil filling
Oil type HLP 32 (DIN 51 524 - ISO VG 32)
HLP 68 (DIN 51 524 - ISO VG 68)

Housing  Polyamide
Front plate  Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Seals  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
Reservoir  Polycarbonate
Filter insert  Cellpor
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Operating Instructions

Operating conditions

Customer information
Technical Remarks
The pressure dew point must be at least 15 °C under ambient and medium temperature and may not exceed 3 °C.
Note: Polycarbonate reservoirs are susceptible to solvents, supplementary information can be found at "Customer information".
Oil dosing at 1000 l/min [drops/min]: 10-20
solid impurities in the compressed air at the outlet as per ISO 8573-1: class 6

Condensate drain
Part No.
G 1/4
semi-automatic, open without pressure
fully automatic, open without pressure
fully automatic, closed without pressure
Nominal flow Qn with secondary pressure p2 = 6 bar at Δp = 1 bar

Lubricator activation margin
p2 = secondary pressure
qn = nominal flow

Pressure characteristics curve
p1 = Working pressure
p2 = Secondary pressure
qn = Nominal flow
1) = Starting point

Flow rate characteristic
p1 = Working pressure
p2 = Secondary pressure
qn = Nominal flow

A1 = input
A2 = output
1) Semi-automatic condensate drain
2) Fully automatic condensate drain

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