ES05 Essential Valve – the advantages at a glance

  • Easy Installation
  • High Flexibility
  • Easy Configuration
  • High Quality
  • Optimised Storage Costs

The new ES05 is the simple solution for elementary pneumatics

ES05 is a valve system that has been designed especially for standard pneumatics applications and industrial automation.
Simple, flexible and efficient – without bells and whistles.

Easy assembly

  • Due to a modular concept, low number of parts and the one-tool-concept our customers save time.
  • Thanks to the easy construction concept, mistakes at assembly are nearly impossible.

High flexibility

  • The ES05 allows individual configuration, the flexible electrical connectivity enables easy modification and extensions.
  • Modifications are possible at any time down to the last minute or even after installation.

Easy configuration

  • Through the engineering tools you can easily configure, assemble or order your desired products,
  • Including all documentation free-of-charge.

High quality

  • You can benefit from cost focussed contemporary products in technical excellence made from extensive wealth of experience.

Lower inventory

  • Small number of parts required to build a vast variations of valve systems reduces inventory investment.

Facts and figures

Valve systemSingle valve
Valve functions5/2 single and double solenoid; dual 3/2 nc and no;
5/3 closed center; blanking plate; intermediate supply plate
Number of valvesUp to 12 valves in steps of 21 valve
Electrical connectionSingle wire (form CI connector)
D-Sub connection (25-pin)
Field bus connection via AES
Single wire (form CI connector)
IP ratingIP65 (single wire)
IP50 (D-Sub, Field bus, IO-Link)
Switch-on-time< 20 ms< 20 ms
Dimensions of D-Sub and single wire version
(Depth/Height/Length - X = number of valves)
100 mm/86 mm/X*18+69 mm105 mm/80 mm/18,8 mm

AV valve system – advantages at a glance

  • Optimized compressed air balance thanks to a small, lightweight construction
  • Universal system for a variety of applications
  • High flexibility thanks to easy application retrofitting
  • Simplified design process with Engineering Tools
The Internet of Things AV series – pre-programmed for the Internet of Things

One more example of a system component for intelligent pneumatics which can be used to easily realize the requirements of the Internet of Things. With all the right advantages for users: decentralized diagnosis, efficient information networking, and a high degree of automation lower operating costs and increase system and process reliability.

More on the Internet of Things

AV system – the new standard for manifolds

Ensure clear advantages for your production: The AV system is a complete automation solution that continuously adapts to your requirements and maximizes the potential of your existing machines.
Comprehensive flow analyses, a modern polymer-based construction, and our many years of experience with application requirements were the basis for this manifold concept. The result is a class of its own. A significantly reduced weight and extremely compact size result in an increased function density.
Flexible use of the valve system – AV03 and AV05
The diagonal spool, flexible base plate, and galvanic isolation in the power concept: These valve systems are characterized by their adaptability and simplicity. Up to 64 base plate valves can be added modularly to the board, and configurable voltage and compressed air circuits add to the system&apos;s flexibility.
AES – open for any connection
An optimum combination of directional valves with the AES fieldbus connection and a large variety of components is a decisive advantage. As a fieldbus connection, it ensures optimum communication between actuators and machine peripherals. In combination with the compact AV systems, AES components can be placed very close to pneumatic drives.


AV series – Machine Safety

The advanced valve system in safety-related controls

Numerous electrical and pneumatic connection options make the AV system a strong performer that easily adapts to the demands of safety-related pneumatic controls. The valve system plays the long game with a service life that tops 150 million cycles without maintenance or failure in safety-related controls.

Safety of machinery
  • The consistent modular design offers additional functions at your fingertips and is impressively systematic.
  • This comfortable approach simplifies your project planning for machine safety. As a result, the family concept pays off directly: you can meet even the most demanding of requirements with ease, giving you a crucial competitive edge.
  • Though the product is not a complete safety device in itself, it can be used as part of an overall solution.
Visit for a free download of SISTEMS as well as for the matching AVENTICS libraries. Evaluation of safety-related machine control

SISTEMA provides assistance in evaluating machine control safety within the scope of ISO 13849-1.

Software assistant SISTEMA

Valve system, HF series – advantages at a glance

  • Plug-in valves that can be exchanged quickly and easily
  • Flexible electrical connection concept
  • Convenient configuration thanks to additional functions, such as accessory selection, spare parts list, CAD downloads, and more
  • Rotatable connection piece enables integration in many applications

HF series: valve system with a well thought-out design and modular construction

The HF valve system ensures flexible installation and fast and safe valve exchange. HF means high flow and high functionality with extensive equipment options. All HF series are easily convertible thanks to robust parallel plug connectors in the base plates and plug-in valves. Electrical linking with other valve systems and single valves is possible with a module extension and separate exhaust ports are available, which allow for dual-pressure operation.

  •  High modularity with uniform fieldbus control at flow rates from 400 l/min to 1400 l/min
  •  Flexible electrical connection concept (multipole or fieldbus) without the need for disassembly
  • Easy configuration with the ICS configurator
  •  Flexible design in the XF series thanks to a rotatable connection piece
  •  Vertically stacked pressure regulators for the HF03-LG and HF04 series for a differentiated setting of the output pressure

Field of application
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