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„Growth in pneumatics will demonstrate a disproportionately high development compared to automation technology in years to come. This is occurring explicitly for point-to-point motion tasks. Pneumatic drive systems are particularly suitable for applications in tight installation spaces and under critical operating conditions, such as external contamination or high temperatures.“

Cylinders and Drives

AVENTICS pneumatic cylinders: piston rod cylinders, rodless cylinders, and rotary drives – high performance, versatile, reliable

Valves and Valve Systems

This range includes everything from mechanically, pneumatically, and electrically operated single valves to highly complex modular valve terminal systems with all functions.

Pressure Regulators

AVENTICS ensures precisely controlled pressure in a wide range of applications with electopneumatically or manually operated pressure regulators, as well as pressure relief valves.


Flow and Check Valves

Unobtrusive but reliable: throttle, choke, shut-off, and logic valves from AVENTICS – for installation or combination with pneumatic components.

Compressed Air Preparation

High-quality filtering, control, and lubrication – all the components and accessories you need for reliable compressed air preparation.

Connection Technologies

Pneumatic connection technologies from AVENTICS. Premium connection pieces perfectly complement high quality machine elements.


Sensor Technologies

The sensors from AVENTICS allow you to measure the position and flow of your pneumatic system and detect the position of cylinder pistons and workpieces.

Vacuum Technology

The perfect pneumatic components for individual handling requirements, including non-contact gripping, mechanical gripping, and vacuum gripping.


Pneumatics product highlights from AVENTICS

For decades, pneumatically operated cylinders, valves, valve systems, and accessories have formed the basis for AVENTICS’ success. New developments are just one of our strong suits – our product portfolio keeps on growing.

Our range of systems:

  • Cylinder valve units with a variety of special functions and mounting elements for decentralized use.
  • Modified valve systems configured with all necessary accessories, add-on components, and functional units, preassembled and ready-to-install.
  • Modified maintenance units including flow optimization and compressed air monitoring for long-term energy efficiency.
  • Control panels as integrated, complete pneumatic control modules for your application, exactly adapted to spatial requirements of your machine and working environment.
  • Preassembled control cabinets with all essential control components for your application and ample protection against external influences.
  • Pneumatic handling systems for gripping, moving and positioning, designed and created precisely for your application.


Modification of standard components
Modifications to products from our standard program, such as special materials, modified threads, or special seals, can be implemented quickly and easily to achieve tailor-made solutions for your application.

Integration of electronics and pneumatics
From modifying the range of a pressure regulator to developing a new controller, highly-integrated electronics introduce exciting new possibilities for pneumatics. This includes fascinating options such as additional special functions for valve units, pressure separation, the installation of electropneumatic pressure regulators, boosters, or integrated switching valves.

ENGINEERING TOOLS Planning and Configuration