Intelligent pneumatics from AVENTICS - Internet of Things

Intelligent pneumatics from AVENTICS – your advantages

  • Intelligent valve electronics ensure reliable operation with minimum effort
  • Increased system availability and safety reduce operating costs significantly
  • The high degree of component networking allows for secure, location-independent access to system-relevant data
  • Consistent analysis and diagnosis simplify preventive maintenance, increasing system availability

The Internet of Things

This term refers to a project that is part of the high-tech strategy of the German government and industry. The main objective is linking information technology and production technology to realize smart factories and thereby increase efficiency and added value.

Clever becomes smart – intelligent pneumatics from AVENTICS

The Internet of Things – currently the title of a new chapter in automation technology. A chapter AVENTICS is helping to write with intelligent pneumatics.
For decades, AVENTICS has been working extensively on key topics of trendsetting pneumatics: self-optimization, self-configuration, and self-diagnosis distinguish the strategies that have long been a component of our current valve technology. A simple idea is at the heart of the concept: networked sensors working decentrally form an information system that increases system availability based on automated analysis and diagnosis. At the same time, preventive maintenance processes are integrated, and the results are impressive: Operating costs and effort are reduced significantly.
ED series pressure regulators and the innovative AV Advanced Valve family with its modular AES electronics provide the basis for a high degree of networking, secure data access, and integration into the Internet of Things. The Goal: Pneumatics that think for themselves and set new standards for engineering of the future.


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Additional information on the Internet of Things

The industrial revolution has just begun. Accordingly, it is important to understand current developments and know the course of politics and the economy will take for future success. Our collection of links connects you to topics and trends in official discussion and makes sure you can give your input whenever the Internet of Things is the subject of conversation.

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The official website on the topic with an abundance of helpful background information and an up-tp-date blog.

Internet of Things platform
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“Industrie 4.0 – Die vierte industrielle Revolution”: VDMA brochure for viewing and download.

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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Topic page on the strategy and challenges of the Internet of Things.

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Online forum from the VDMA industry association with a collection of topics and next step suggestions for aspects of the Internet of Things.

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Industry association topic portal with publications and information on dates and committees on the Internet of Things.

AVENTICS Motek 2016

35th Motek: AVENTICS was there again

Our highlights from the fair 2016: Industry 4.0, Machine Safety and the new ES05 valve system.

Motek 2016

Application examples – Internet of Things

Intelligent interfaces – IO-Link solutions

Intelligent interfaces – IO-Link solutions

AVENTICS IO-Link solutions support users in meeting requirements resulting from the Internet of Things. Production systems can be converted quickly and easily by re-parameterizing the sensors and actuators. The serial interface also improves the transmission of analog signals, for example for pressure regulators. It can also be used to inexpensively integrate valve systems, such as the AV03. Connection takes place via a single cable, allowing for very flexible valve unit placement.

In the example shown, a cylinder is controlled via a proportional pressure regulator and the sensor display is parameterized specific to the application. The different pressure ranges are displayed in different colors; the operator can monitor the status of the system at a glance. By providing status information, components with IO-Link also enable diagnosis concepts with very simple structures.

Intelligent system controls – AV valves with AES electronics

Intelligent system controls – AV valves with AES electronics

The Advanced Valve (AV) valve systems with modular AES electronics enable system configurations with powerful communication interfaces. System status data can be called up and made available independently by the controller. For example, to monitor the number of switching cycles of each individual valve. With a myriad of positive effects: simplified monitoring, including by external service providers, increased system availability thanks to improved maintenance interval planning, reduced downtime thanks to preventive maintenance or component reusability.

In the example shown, a cylinder is controlled via the AV03 valve system and the cylinder position is recorded via the AES electronics by means of a cylinder switch. Within the AES electronics, the number of switching cycles of the individual valves is monitored independent of the controller, as is the movement sequence via time measurement. This information can be read out and be displayed to the maintenance technician on a tablet, for example.


Product examples – intelligent pneumatics

Proximity sensor, ST4-2P series

One sensor, one 4-mm cylinder slot, two switching points – the formula for the ST4-2P series’ success for precise solutions in the tightest of spaces. The sensors are simple to assemble, easy to program, and measure two switching points in a range of 50 mm.

Electronic pressure sensor, PE5 series

Ultra-sensitive, reliable, simple handling thanks to intuitive menu navigation and a large display in red or green: PE5 series electronic pressure sensors can be used in a wide range of applications with their increased protection classes IP65 and IP67.

AV valve system with AES fieldbus system

The AV system offers high performance through a wide range of electrical and pneumatic connection options. It can easily be adapted to the requirements of any safety-related pneumatic control. The long service life guarantees long operating times in safety-related controls without failures or the need for maintenance.

Videos on the Internet of Things