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Advantages of compressed air preparation:

  • Preventing premature corrosion of components, extending their service life
  • Seamless switching procedures with constant high speed
  • Less risk of leaks, positive effects on energy and maintenance costs

Compressed air – hygiene helps

In pneumatics, air is under double pressure. On the one hand, it is extremely compressed to generate force for movements, on the other, it has to be extremely clean to keep applications at top performance for the long-term. Compressed air quality is a decisive factor for efficiency and long service life of products in the production process. The problem: Unprepared compressed air is not at all clean. One cubic meter contains up to 180 million dirt particles, 80 g of water, 0.03 mg of oil as well as traces of lead, cadmium, and mercury.

Preparation options for all applications

Air preparation focuses on preventing three types of contamination: solids, water, and oil. There is also the problem that compressing the air has additional effects, such as particle concentration. The optimum physical water content and typical amounts of particles and oil depend on the pressure and dew points of the respective applications. A central compressed air preparation is the best solution for the complex challenges posed by this topic. It ensures maximum air quality – constantly and reliably, for all applications. The air quality is optimized depending on the specific requirements of the industry and application, with all the application experience and technical expertise that AVENTICS has gathered over the decades.


Classification overview table according to ISO 8573-1
max. number of particles per m³

Particle concentration


Pressure dew point




Total oil content (liquid, aerosol, and mist) 


0,1 - 0,5 ?m0,5 - 1 μm1 - 5 μm
0According to user specifications; stricter requirements than class 1
1≤ 20000≤ 400≤ 10-≤ -70<3000000,01
2≤ 400.000≤ 6.000≤ 100-≤ -400,1
3≤ 90.000≤ 1.000-≤ -201
4≤ 10.000-≤ +35
5≤ 100.000-≤ +7-
6≤ 5≤ +10-
75 - 10-≤ 0,5-
8--0,5 - 5-
9--5- 10-
x> 10-> 10> 10

The pressure dew point should be at least 15°C below the ambient temperature.

Compressed air preparation – adjusted for your industry and application

The AVENTICS series offer you a complete range of products: from maintenance units for work areas with a flow of up to 14,500 Nl/min, to tubing and fitting systems, up to sensor technology and assembly material.

The use of high-quality polymers enables light-weight solutions that are highly robust. We have a wide range of components at our disposal to tailor your system exactly to the specifications of your industry and application.

The maintenance units include:

  • Pressure regulators
  • Standard filters
  • Pre-filters, microfilters, and active carbon filters
  • Diaphragm-type dryers
  • Standard and macro oil-mist lubricators
  • Shut-off valves and filling valves
  • Compressed air distributors
  • Non-return valves

Products for compressed air preparation

NL1 series maintenance units

Qn = 1000 l/min, G 1/8 – G 1/4

MH1 series pressure regulators

Qn = 510 – 3000 l/min, G 1/4 – G 1/2

MU1 series pressure regulators

Qn = 300 – 50000 l/min, G 1/8 – G 2
Further areas of application
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